Welcome to White Creek United Methodist Church

"Justin (my husband) and I knew what kind of things we wanted in a church before we started looking. We knew that we wanted a traditional church. We like traditional hymns, and a traditional service is important to us.  We were both raised in small towns, and we knew that we wanted a small community church with small town values. We also knew that we wanted a church with its principles based in scripture. Justin and I both moved to Indiana from Missouri, so we didn’t know exactly where to start looking. We ended up waking up early one Sunday morning and driving around until we found a church to try. Our first attendance at White Creek Methodist convinced us that it was something that we wanted to be part of. The people here are overwhelmingly friendly. The service and hymns are traditional and fill us with the Holy Spirit, and the preacher speaks in a way that we find easy to learn and worship God. We find that sense of stability and community from White Creek, and continue to attend."
Kory Callihan
The Skinners had just moved into their home in Venture Woods.   The end of the road into the Hoosier National Forest, so it was quiet, dark and full of strange sounds.   The door bell rang, and we were a little nervous about answering the door, no one ever came to our house without calling first.   But answer we did and  there were 2 very lovely ladies.   They were from the White Creek United Methodist Church.  They had come to invite us to attend their church.  Not only were they very lovely and pleasant but very brave.    We decided if they represented the rest of the members of the White Creek United Methodist Church, it was the place for us.   So we attended the Church the next Sunday and have been members ever since.   All the ladies are lovely and all the gentlemen kind.   It is a family Church and they made us a member of their family.
The Church by the Side of the Road:
"Then on memory's page I can see again,
The church by the side of the road.
And wherever I roam, it is guiding me home
The church by the side of the road."